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Natural Stone
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Aguilera Marble Header

Sandstone "Ronda"

This sandstone has a pinkish tone and is of medium grain, with nice features for carving. The stone can be used both indoors and outdoors and does not require polishing, because of its texture. The material is especially recommended for the manufacturing of cladding panels, masonry and exterior pavements, due to its non-slip property (without prior treatment).

Surface Finishes

Rough Cut Sandstone "Arroyo del Toro" - Rough Cut
Aged (brushed) Sandstone "Arroyo del Toro" - Aged
Bush Hammered Sandstone "Arroyo del Toro" - Bush Hammered

Technical Details

Absorption Absorption 4,10 %
Flexural strength Flexural strength 9,21 ± 0,41 MPa
Density Density 2,36 gr/cm3
Abrasion resistance Abrasion resistance 26,5 mm
Porosity Porosity 9,67 %
Impact resistance Slip Resistance (USRV) 86
Sandstone Blocks "Arroyo del Toro"
Sandstone Blocks
Sandstone Slab "Arroyo del Toro"
Sandstone Slab