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Natural Stone
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Our Products

We are the main provider of special kinds of natural stone that we extract from our own quarries in Andalusia. We have thoroughly investigated these materials to become experts in determining the best treatment for every placement.
The surface finishes that we offer are:


The most refined finish, giving the stone the highest level of shine that can be achieved naturally. Through an intensive industrial polishing process, the reflection of the stones' crystals brings out the rich colour of the material. The glossy surface is durable, smooth and the least porous of all finishes.

Flamed (exfoliated)

For this finish, an extremely hot flame is fired at the stone under an angle of 45°. The thermal shock causes the outermost grains to flake off the surface. This way, the texture becomes very rough and slip resistant. Moreover, the burst crystals exposed by this treatment give the stone a darker and deeper colour.


This finish is achieved by hitting the material with a specialised mechanical stone-working hammer with pointy ends. The process creates a fairly smooth surface with small regular indentations, arranged in a grid pattern.

Aged (brushed)

This finish replicates the effects of the natural aging process of the stone. Wear and tear is stimulated by a continuous scrubbing of the surface with soft-ended wire brushes, giving the stone an old, rustic look.

Rough cut

This factory finish is obtained through the process of cutting the stone in blocks, slabs or other units without further embellishment. The stone is cross cut (cut with the vein) using a diamond saw, resulting in a rough surface.