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Natural Stone
Aguilera Marble Header
Aguilera Marble Header

Bronze Marble "CostaSol"

This is a very homogeneous bronze marble with occasional fossils. The material provides a warm and natural sense and gains a strong personality when a surface finish is applied. This marble can be easily combined with other colours at any placement.

Surface Finishes

Rough Cut Bronze Marble "CostaSol" - Rough Cut
Polished Bronze Marble "CostaSol" - Polished
Aged (brushed) Bronze Marble "CostaSol" - Aged
Bush Hammered Bronze Marble "CostaSol" - Bush Hammered
Flamed (exfoliated) Bronze Marble "CostaSol" - Flamed

Technical Details

Absorption Absorption 0,10 %
Flexural strength Flexural strength 13,84 ± 1,52 MPa
Density Density 2,69 gr/cm3
Abrasion resistance Abrasion resistance 25 mm
Porosity Porosity 0,28 %
Impact resistance Slip Resistance (USRV) 66
Polished Bronze Marble Tiles "CostaSol"
Polished Bronze Marble Tiles
Aged Bronze Marble Tiles "CostaSol"
Aged Bronze Marble Tiles